Nordic Insights Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Ben Ogden Performance


On the one hand, these awards are based exclusively on votes from readers. On the other hand, I presumptively declared that Ben Ogden was the best American male skier on the World Cup last season, because, well, he was. So today brings voting for the best Ben Ogden performance last season; tomorrow will be the best American male World Cup skier, non–Ben Ogden division.

You probably know how this works by now. I did this via a Google Forms quiz, because that is free and I made almost no money on this site last year. Your response is recorded. It is not tied to your email address (so, Ben Ogden, if you’re reading this and you vote for mastering Kendama as your top accomplishment, that will bring me great joy, but I will also not know that you did so). I will post vote totals, or at least percentages, once voting ends. Choices here are arranged in chronological order from throughout last season.

I can’t prevent you from voting twice. (I mean, I could, technologically speaking, but then the form has to ask for your email address, and that’s just a mess.) So please just don’t do that. This is serious business.

Vote here! Thanks!

— Gavin Kentch

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