Readers’ Choice Awards: Best American Male World Cup Skier, Non–Ben Ogden Division


Yesterday was voting for the best Ben Ogden performance of last season. (Polling there is currently virtually neck and neck between “green bib for top U23 skier” and “eighth overall in the World Cup.” Which doesn’t surprise me — I’m honestly uncertain which of these I would select — but it’s interesting to see that readers are also torn on how to rank these two accomplishments. Plus someone wrote in “Went so hard in the end of season Cochran’s Nordic Cross that he tore the sole off a boot and DNFed,” which makes me happy.) Today brings voting for the best American male World Cup skier during the 2022/2023 season, non–Ben Ogden division.

You probably know how this works by now. I did this via a Google Forms quiz, because that is free and I made almost no money on this site last year. Your response is recorded. It is not tied to your email address. I will post vote totals, or at least percentages, once voting ends. Choices here are arranged in alphabetical order.

I can’t prevent you from voting twice. (I mean, I could, technologically speaking, but then the form has to ask for your email address, and that’s just a mess.) So please just don’t do that. This is serious business.

Vote here! Thanks!

— Gavin Kentch

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Readers’ Choice Awards: Best American Male World Cup Skier, Non–Ben Ogden Division

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