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About Nordic Insights

Nordic Insights is a dynamic new voice in the endurance sorts space. Our core mission is timely and informative We have core competencies in race coverage of both domestic and World Cup skiing. We will be the only news outlet at any level that covers every SuperTour race this season. We will have a reporter on site at both U.S. Nationals and World Junior Championships, the biggest races occurring on the continent this season. We care about skiing, and we will show up for our readers.

Our diverse staff brings a deep foundation of writing and investigative journalism, complemented by former and current athletes and coaches of all levels and ages, as well as industry professionals. Our existing relationships with both athletes and the North American race community at large will give our readers unprecedented access to the sport. Multiple U.S. Ski Team athletes have contacted us in the week since our launch to tell us that they are thrilled to see our site come online, and that they look forward to working with us.

Our readers are passionate about skiing, and want to know all about the products their heroes are using, both on and off the course. We will provide dynamic and in- depth coverage of racing and individual athletes that will keep them coming back. Our first step in this process was the choice to feature content from domestic athlete blogs, and to do so prominently on the home page of our site. If you already support an athlete and are looking for more exposure, prompt them to share their RSS feed with us. Our goal is to shine a light on the entire sport, and that includes the companies behind it.


We know that advertiser buy-in is extremely important to the continued progression of North American skiing. Therefore, we aim to offer our advertisers the greatest possible value with simple, honest pricing and consistent placement throughout the site.

In an age of inflated metrics and misleading click farms we have made the decision to use a monthly pricing model to ensure our advertisers can trust that they are getting the exposure they are paying for. We will be completely forthcoming with you about our reader or listener metrics; just ask.

Advertising Services

Nordic Insights will offer optional in-house services to meet any of your content production needs. We contract with multiple graphic designers, photographers, and filmmakers who have specific experience in the endurance sport space and can help you ensure that your content is tailored to our readers and to our site. Please reach out for a quote.

Advertising Options

We are currently offering the following options for ad placement (but our site has been designed with more expansive ad functionality built in; if you’d like to do something not listed here, let us know). For the time being we will be limiting the number of advertisers we work with to ensure that those who choose to advertise with us early on will be featured as heavily as possible throughout the site.

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  • Podcast feature
  • Sponsored content
  • Gear reviews
  • Gear Sponsor (For NI Staff)

A Note About Gear Reviews

We gladly accept samples for gear reviews, though keep in mind that these will be real reviews with no predetermined outcome, which will potentially highlight product drawbacks as well as strengths. Jon “Fast Big Dog” Schafer’s gear reviews are legendary in the outdoor industry. Suffice it to say that if your product comes out favorably on the other side of a review like this, that sample will more than pay for itself. And your readers will be able to quote lines from that review years later as they explain why they bought your product instead of a competitor’s.

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