Nordic Insights Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Jessie Diggins Performance


In yesterday’s article announcing the highly prestigious First Annual Nordic Insights Readers’ Choice Awards, I pledged, truthfully, that this will be a fastidiously democratic process, insofar as I will follow the vox populi in proclaiming the winner.

But I also presumptively declared Jessie Diggins to have been the best American female World Cup skier last season, because, well, she was. So tomorrow you can vote on the best American female World Cup skier, non–Jessie Diggins division. Today, by contrast, you should vote on: What was the best Jessie Diggins performance, on the World Cup or at World Championships, last season?

Poll is open now. I did this via a slightly homemade-looking Google Forms quiz, because that is free and I made almost no money on this site last year (yes SurveyMonkey is also free, but only for the first 2,500 responses, and I’m going to end up with more than that before voting is done). Your response is recorded. It is not tied to your email address; I can’t see identities or IP addresses of who voted. I will post vote totals, or at least percentages, once voting ends.

No, I can’t prevent you from voting twice. (I mean, I could, technologically speaking, but then the form has to ask for your email address, and that’s just a mess.) So, please don’t vote twice. This is serious business.

Choices here are arranged in chronological order from throughout the 2022/2023 season.

Vote below! Thanks! And if you’re reading this in Anchorage on April 4th, then go vote in today’s municipal election if you haven’t yet!

— Gavin Kentch

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