Episode 2: Evan Arthur Answers the Big Questions About Endurance Sport


Who’s weirder, distance runners or nordic skiers? What’s the hardest sport between running, nordic skiing, and mountain biking? What should a college athlete trying to keep up with training while moving on in life consider when taking those next steps?

In episode two of Who Woke Me Up?, Evan Arthur sits down with Fast Big Dog to answer these questions, and many more.

Arthur, 24, is a 2021 graduate from Colby College, where he majored in Computer Science. He has a strong background in cross-country skiing… spent his time at Colby pursuing cross country running as his main sport… and, like John Wessling before him (see episode one), ultimately found success in mountain biking, similarly making his UCI World Cup debut in Snowshoe, West Virginia, last month. He is therefore well-situated to speak to cross-disciplinary comparisons between the three sports, be it technique, learning how to crash, the role of pure fitness, or more.

Arthur at one point observes that in cycling, “You can just bike, and almost every cyclist just bikes. … For skiing, you kind of do everything, which makes it fun. Skiers are suited to go into other sports, just because they’re so well-rounded. I don’t think a cyclist could really go and become a nordic skier later in life; that’d be hard for them.”

Which, well, shots fired.

Arthur currently trains 20+ hours a week, and also works 20+ hours a week. He has thoughts on balancing the two, which will be of interest to anyone else out there trying to engage in a similar balancing act, no matter the absolute numbers involved in the training load.

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— Gavin Kentch

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