Editorial: NNF Is Good, and You Should Give Them Money


That’s it. That’s the editorial.

Seriously, though, National Nordic Foundation has been a remarkable force for good in American skiing. It is no coincidence that the emergence of NNF as a consistent and reliable source for funding American ski development has coincided with the rise of American skiing as a global force to be reckoned with.

I’ve followed American skiing for decades now; I well remember the dark ages when Kikkan would lodge a single top-30 result, and the FasterSkier comment section would light up in jubilant celebration. Since that time the bar has been consistently and impressively raised by American athletes, and NNF has been there to support them.

I gave to NNF because I believe, deeply and passionately, in the present and future of American skiing. If you are able to, I politely suggest that you do the same. You can donate to NNF (cross-country) here, and to NNF (jumping and nordic combined) here. You have to do so before this Friday; this year’s Drive for 25 campaign runs for five days only.

If 1,000 people each make individual donations of $25 or more before Friday, NNF will unlock a matching grant of an additional $100,000, which will directly fund its Pillar Projects. I promise you that this is the easiest money that anyone connected with American cross-country skiing will ever make.

In conclusion, here are a lot of skiers a whole lot faster than me also telling you why you should contribute to this year’s Drive for 25. Thank you for your consideration.

 — Gavin Kentch

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