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NordicX Takes Anchorage: Part Two, Some Actual Racing

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Part one of this article on NordicX, Reese Hanneman’s labor of love cross-country ski cross event at Hilltop Ski Area last Saturday, set the scene: a riotous atmosphere...

NordicX Takes Anchorage: Part One, Chainsaws and Smoke Bombs

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — What did Saturday’s NordicX, the second annual cross-country ski cross competition at Hilltop Ski Area, mean for its participants? For Hailey Swirbul, it was a chance to discover that...

Press Release: NordicX Returns to Anchorage April 8

Last spring, retired APU skier Reese Hanneman fulfilled a lifelong dream by hosting NordicX, a nordic ski-cross event, at Hilltop downhill ski area on the edge of Anchorage, Alaska. The sun...