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SuperTour Preview: Your Guide to High-Level U.S. Domestic Racing

The SuperTour starts soon. In fact, it starts tomorrow. Here’s your one-stop rundown for who’s racing, when the races are, and what the stakes are for this Continental Cup level of...

Photo Essay: One-Third of U.S. Ski Team Races in Anchorage Time Trial

ANCHORAGE — A start line is freighted with significance for a cross-country ski racer. The ratio of time spent training to time spent ski racing, for a professional athlete, can be over...

Tyler Kornfield: From World Cups to Worldloppets

Tyler Kornfield goes to Europe: The former USST member is ready to be the first American male Ski Classics pro.

Don’t Overfill Your Cup: APU Coach Erik Flora and the Complete Athlete (2017)

This article was originally published on FasterSkier on September 13, 2017. The copyright of this article inheres in and is claimed by the original author, Gavin Kentch, who wrote it for...