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Michael Earnhart

Spring Shenanigans

It's been a while!

The last two months have been filled with a variety of activities and plenty of down time to absorb the race season and refocus for next year. One of the reasons there was such a long break in between blogs was because I was

Junior Nationals 2022

My original plan for after junior worlds was heading to Northern Italy for OPA cup finals. However, after looking through the logistics of the trip it seemed like the ratio of effort to benefit was too high and I decided to instead head to Minneapolis for Junior Nationals. Since it

Junior Worlds 2022

We started our time in Norway with five days in Hafjell, a world renowned venue for Nordic skiing. Hafjell lacks competition trails and we were the only nation there allowing us to adjust to the time change in a stress free environment. My pictures do not do the scenery justice

Chill Time and Fairbanks Cold

Since US nationals I have been laying low and keeping things simple. After a big week of stressful racing like nationals its nice to spend some time at home where I can focus on training and recovery. This semester I decided to not take any classes for school knowing how

Nationals Part Two

Better late than never, right?

The last two races of Nationals ended up being rather poor results, leaving me without the motivation to write about them. No one enjoys hearing about bad things so I will keep this brief.

The third race of Nationals was a 15 kilometer individual start

Nationals Part One

This year U.S. nationals are being hosted at Soldier Hollow, Utah. Unfortunately for me this venue is at 5,500 feet of altitude. For someone like me who trains at sea level year round this is less than ideal. Nationals is only my third competition at altitude making me

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